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Hydrogen Water Tablets

Our patented technology creates the highest concentrations of hydrogen-rich water of any technology in the world. Our clinical validation is unparalleled in the industry.

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What Is Hydrogen-Water?

Hydrogen water is simply water that has had H2 (hydrogen gas) dissolved into it. The end product yields a gas-dissolved solution, similar to carbonation which adds co2 (carbon dioxide) to water to make sparkling water. The difference being hydrogen gas is added instead of carbon dioxide.

What Makes Our Technology Special?

Our hydrogen creating tablets split a stream of hydrogen bubbles in the small nano range off any glass of water, yielding a solution of dissolved and quasi dissolved gas in far greater concentrations than any other technology on the market. Due to the small size of our bubbles, we are able to temporarily achieve dosages of H2 which would typically require the gas and water to be pressurized at over 120 psi for 8 or more hours; and the best part, our water is ready to drink in roughly 1 minute!

What Is Hydrogen-Water?

Watch closely as the hydrogen bubbles are created, and rather than dissipating straight out of solution, remain in the water. These bubbles form a dense cloud of quasi dissolved gas, and remain stable enough for users to drink down.

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