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We offer turnkey manufacturing options for hydrogen tablets. While the phrase “white label” opportunities is often used, by no means are companies restricted to bottle or label color. Design your own compliant label and pick your own packaging colors and sizes. We can provide finished goods in either bottles (PET, HDPE or Glass), or blister cards (plastic/foil, or foil/foil for a longer shelf life in tropical climates) We will source all components for your company and provide a turnkey product. Deliver to your customer base the absolute best and most efficacious hydrogen water on the planet, ready to be immediately marketed.

Our dedicated equipment at a major US manufacturing plant can handle the needs of even the largest requests. Our facility can produce upwards of 30 million tablets per month, with expansion into additional facilities possible in relatively short time frames. Rest assured; we will always supply to even the

largest company’s needs. Our facility is cGMP, with additional certifications including, but not limited to, NSF Sport and Informed Sport, Halal, Kosher, and Organic. Our facility and compliance team will assist in providing all needed documents for international registration. To obtain documentation and further information about our facility, please contact us. A mutual non-disclosure agreement is required for further information.

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Hydrogen tablets are kept in stock, waiting to be packaged to your needs. Nothing destroys marketing momentum like running out of inventory. We understand this, and proactively work on timelines with our clients to ensure companies are constantly up to date with packaging lead times and are always well informed.

Ensuring that our customers never run of product is a top priority. If we are late providing hydrogen tablets, you are unable to sell them. This is a simple rule we live by.

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Please note, that while other agents may represent our technology for private label / white label, all potential avenues do lead through us, and follow the same pricing and MOQ policies.

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