What Sets Us Apart

One of the fundamental, core philosophies of our company is the support for the honest pursuit of truth. We take a stand against the “status quo” many companies default to, of controlled and silenced research.

How Do We Do This?

1 We do not withhold the ability to publish research if we do not like the results. This sounds like a “no brainer”, however, this is not standard. In almost all industries, private companies that have funded research retain rights to be able to block publication of work on their products, if they results are unfavourable. We believe this is unethical and goes against the pursuit of knowledge. If a trial doesn’t work, we intend to treat it as a “learning lesson” and refine our research in areas ore likely to succeed; to date, all trials conducted on our tablets have found a favourable result! If a trial fails to find a benefit (and one eventually will), we are prepared to acknowledge it, and learn from it.

2 We do not demand strict controls over the trial design. We do work with public researchers to advise on dosing and administration of our technology, and to provide insights into the research. We also will routinely connect researchers to other experts in the field, to help them gain insight into an area outside their own expertise. No single researcher will possess all the needed knowledge and insight in order to design an effective trial. We work with researchers to design the best protocol to explore meaningful benefits and results; not to design protocols to “find some significant result” to market, with dubious clinical or real-world applicability. In the end, the public scientists have the final say on study design.

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Research Success​

Our Research

This philosophy has led us to an overwhelming pace regarding publications. Since reaching out to public teams, our tablet technology has been used in 10 clinical trials, 4 case studies, 3 preclinical publications, and an additional 16 clinical trials and 3 preclinical research programs are underway at various stages. None of this would be possible without the high levels of interest and passion from researchers, and we are dedicated to doing what we can to assist.

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Interested in

Researching Molecular Hydrogen?

If you’re a researcher interested in studying molecular hydrogen, we’d love to talk to you. We are currently working with a dozen universities and research teams worldwide. We believe in honest, open research. If a team has a reasonable plan for a study, we are happy to support them with an active product, a well-designed placebo, and extra funds to increase testing, controls, and statistical power. Science only advances when the truth is told, regardless of whether the truthis positive or inconvenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not require the use of any trademarked logo. The end product will be a complete white label opportunity.  

150,000 tablets is the minimum required order. please contact for quantity pricing. 

Yes, any reasonable quantity per unit can be quoted.

We offer both blister packaging and bottling options. 

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that production with the hydrogen tablets is complicated, and not all ingredients will work. Please contact us and we will discuss options, or, your preferred ingredient, and then move to R&D runs before production to ensure viability. 

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